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about Forlife



This is where I came up with ForLife Performance. I train FOR LIFE... This means that I train for a better life, a stronger life, and for the rest of my life - I am in it FOR LIFE and I want to perform at a high level while I'm still breathing and moving. Strength training is foundational to who I am, and through it, I believe that I can help anyone from high performing athletes, to those who have been in pain due to a sedentary lifestyle.

ForLife Performance is for those who want to change who they are. It's not about setting a goal to "bench 315" or "lose 5 pounds of fat." This way of thinking doesn't actually change who you are, and once the goal is achieved, the flame will most likely die. Goals are great, but they are secondary to changing your identity.

When you identify yourself with training, it becomes a part of who you are, and real change occurs. This is when goals will be achieved simply through the process of becoming who you believe that you are. The goals will be secondary, because the simple process of "doing" will be the forefront to change. A bird doesn't need motivation to fly, it simply just does it because that's what a bird does.

You don't need motivation to be stronger, healthier, or higher performing - It's in our DNA. All you need to do is to be about it ForLife, and that is what I'm here to help you with.

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