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My name is nick sidor and I work with individuals and groups from a multitude of backgrounds and age demographics who are looking to gain physical strength for better athletic performance, health, and longevity.

My mission began with relieving myself from pain and injury, and has developed into part of my identity and an ideology for others to follow. When I began training, I would often write down or say to myself that I was TRAINING FOR LIFE, which at the time meant that I was training for a better, stronger life; to feel healthy and to live pain free. Training For Life became a way for me to live, and after some time, I had to explain to others what it meant...

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I enjoy training and the learning that comes along with it. Helping others to better themselves through what I love to do brings me great satisfaction. The more i learn about my own training, directly relates to helping others with theirs. If you ever work with me and do not find value in what i do, i will give you your money back. i want to make a difference in the peoples lives that i work with for the better, and i believe that i can achieve this through teaching what i know and love. it may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to change who you are, i will do my best to help you realize your potential.


Located in Holladay, UT


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